Numeric Method Rethinking

Just looking over the spec, here are four methods I think might need to relocate. I’m posting this here just to see if anyone objects to me changing the spec.

cis and unpolar are both listed as being in Numeric, but their invocants are specified as being Real. I think they both belong in Real, because conceptually they are for mapping Reals to Complex.

sqrt is listed in Real, but of course there is a version for Complex as well. roots on the other hand, is Numeric. It seems to me conceptually these are basically the same thing. I’m not sure what the right answer is here. I’ve been thinking of Quaternions as my canonical example of a non-Real, non-Complex Numeric type. I believe they have a solid concept of square roots. I don’t know if they have a concept of N-root that corresponds to the roots function.

Anyone else have thoughts on these?


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