ABC module now works on Rakudo and Niecza

I haven’t had many tuits to work on Perl 6 lately — except this week I needed to have three pages of transposed single-line sheet music ready to go for tonight’s rehearsal. The ABC module (particularly the script to convert ABC to Lilypond) was the obvious choice to use. However, to make it work well, I needed to add ties, slurs, multi-measure rests, fermatas, and text messages, as well as fixing the key change and meter change code. While I was at it, I went ahead and got all the tests passing again under Rakudo (version 2012.02-173-gb13c517, the latest won’t build on my Mac) and for the first time, Niecza (latest source from github only, I actually added a small patch in the process).

It feels so good to have this working under both compilers!

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