Fixing Tags

So, in my last post I identified 3906 files in my MP3 collection with missing tags. This time I set out to fix some of them.

So, first I went through the list I generated with the last script and singled out all 2294 files which used a standard pattern of Artist / Album / Track Number - Track Name. Then I wrote this script:

my $for-real = Bool::True;

constant $TAGLIB  = "taglib-sharp,  Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=db62eba44689b5b0";
constant TagLib-File    = CLR::("TagLib.File,$TAGLIB");
constant String-Array   = CLR::("System.String[]");

for lines() -> $filename {
    my @path-parts = $filename.split('/').map(&Scrub);
    my $number-and-title = @path-parts.pop;
    next unless $number-and-title ~~ m/(\d+) \- (.*) .mp3/;
    my $track-number = ~$0;
    my $title = ~$1;
    my $album = @path-parts.pop;
    my $artist = @path-parts.pop;
    say "$artist: $album: $title (track $track-number)";

    if $for-real {
        my $file;
        try {
            $file = TagLib-File.Create($filename);
            CATCH { say "Error reading $filename" }

        $file.Tag.Track = $track-number.Int;
        $file.Tag.Album = $album;
        $file.Tag.Title = $title;
        $file.Tag.Performers = MakeStringArray($artist);
        try {
            CATCH { say "Error saving changes to $filename" }

sub Scrub($a) {
    $a.subst('_', ' ', :global);

sub MakeStringArray(Str $a) {
    my $sa =;
    $sa.Set(0, $a);

For the main loop, the first half uses standard Perl techniques to extract the artist, album, and track info from the path. The second half sets the tags. Opening the file is the same as last time, and then setting Track, Album, and Title is as simple as could be. The Performers tag is a bit tricky, because it’s a string array (the others are simple strings or integers) and Niecza doesn’t know how to do the coercion automatically. MakeStringArray gets the job done nicely.

So, if you’ve done this sort of thing in Perl 5 using the MP3 CPAN modules, there’s nothing at all revolutionary about this code. But it feels really good to be able to do it with Perl 6!


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