Math::BigInt now in ecosystem

I’ve added Math::BigInt to the ecosystem. It’s still a pain in the neck to install the BigDigits library (“libbd”), but I used GNU Autotools to generate a configure and make solution that will build the library and install it for you. (Instructions are in the README.) At least, on OS X and Linux and probably other Unix-y platforms; I’m not sure if it will work on Windows or not. (Does Zavolaj work on Windows?)

Now that I’ve got the unpleasant part out of the way (and learned a ton about Autotools in the process, it’s actually quite easy to use), I can get to playing with Math::FatRat…


3 Responses to “Math::BigInt now in ecosystem”

  1. George Says:


  2. George Says:

    oops just realized I’m 2 years behind you ! Coulda sworn that “int” after “Feb 3” was bigger by 2 🙂

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