Off the map

I’m heading off on a nine day fishing vacation tomorrow morning. I’m hauling along my laptop, and I’m planning on getting some Rakudo hacking in. Things I’m hoping to do:

  • Finish the trig test overhaul (now that we have reasonable precision for decimal numbers).
  • Figure out what (if anything) needs to be done to rand and srand.
  • Move as much as possible of the improved decimal number code to compile-time.

Other things I’ll look at if I get the chance:

  • Getting LastOfTheCarelessMen’s ABC module working under current Rakudo. (The tests aren’t going to pass until the ABC::Blah syntax works in regexes, but the core of the module should still work, as far as I know.)
  • Messing around with a memoize sub. (Okay, this should be done with the “is cached” property in the long run.)
  • Look at the recent changes in the Hyper spec. (I don’t recall what the story is, but at the time I noted something needed to be changed in the code.)

I hope everyone has a happy and productive week while I am gone! I can’t imagine how much is going to get done in that time at the Rakudo team’s current rate…

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